Who Am I?

I am a Unity programmer, game designer, and an avid gamer located in the Los Angeles area.

I co-founded the Indie Game Studio Dummy Dojo with my friend Lenny Lam.

I like to express myself through my code and design.

I prefer to keep things simple.

I am Mark Oliver Ilog.


Ninja Chowdown (2019)

Our first major project as Dummy Dojo. Successfully funded on Kickstarter. The idea of this game was to make a stylized runner game that would have a good amount of depth, but keeping the simple nature of a runner intact.

Check out the progress on Twitter! It's a lot cooler now, I promise!

Language: C# || Game Engine: Unity || Platforms: Android/IOS/PC

5-Second Sumo (2018)

A small project as Dummy Dojo. The gameplay revolved around feeding Carl the Sumo a variety of food.

Language: C# || Game Engine: Unity || Platform: Android

Cosmic Voyage (2018)

I worked on this project with the help of freelance artists/musicians. I learned a lot about different aspects of what goes into making a fully fleshed out game.

Language: C# || Game Engine: Unity || Platform: PC

Break Time! VR (2017)

The original idea was to create a VR tennis game, but it ended up becoming a game where you swing a giant paddle to destroy a variety of objects coming at you. Basically the same thing...

Language: C# || Game Engine: Unity || Platform: Vive

Towards the Light (2017)

A Zelda-inspired dungeon crawler with the light from your fairy protector playing a major role in the gameplay.

Language: C# || Game Engine: Unity || Platform: PC

RPG Game Engine (2016)

Was meant to be the basis for a generic 2D RPG. Definitely bit off more than I could chew on my own at the time, especially since I was still studying.

Ended up implementing graphics, collision detection, movement, and simple over-world interactions. I learned a lot about the basic mechanics that go behind the creation of an engine, gaining a lot of respect and gratefulness for existing game engines in the process.

Language: Java || Primary Library: OpenGl || Platform: PC