Stat Sheet

Name: Mark Oliver Ilog

Job: Unity Developer

Lvl.: 27

Location: Los Angeles

Secondary Job(s): Game Designer, Web Developer

Skills: C#, Unity, Java, Game Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Education: Computer Science B.S. from Cal Poly Pomona

Favorite Games: Binding of Isaac, Final Fantasy 7, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Diablo 2, Hades, Slay The Spire

Favorite Genres: Roguelite, Classic RPG, Fighting

Hobbies: Game Dev, Playing Games, Hiking, Lifting, Travelling

Notes: Currently making games under the studio Dummy Dojo.


My Commercial Games

Underling Uprising (ONGOING)

A fast-paced cartoony Beat 'Em Up that we successfully Kickstarted for $16,456 in 2022. Play as an escaped experiment and get revenge on your previous captor, Dr. Baldrick!

Available on Steam Available on

Ninja Chowdown (2020)

An action, runner game about a Donut-loving ninja published by Abylight Studios on mobile platforms. Featured on the App Store and positively received.

Available on App StoreGet it on Google Play

My Hobby Games

Demon Slayer Dan (2021)

A jam game about a fedora wearing, katana wielding, cool guy fending off some demons to protect M'lady. Do some awesome slash attacks and teleport like they do in those animes!

Available on

Undead Carnival Carnage (2020)

Ludum Dare 47. We placed 17th Overall and 52nd for Fun. Our game is about a carnival attendant stuck in a carousel during a zombie apocalypse. Push them off and survive the horde!

Available on

Turtle Daddy (2020)

Ludum Dare 46. Placed 15th Overall and 20th for Fun. You play as a Turtle Daddy who throws his shield to fight off predators and carries turtle babies to safety.

Available on

Dummy Dojo AR (2020)

Unreleased AR game that I made to learn the technology and expand my skillsets. Learned a lot from this and found AR development to be something I'd want to delve deeper into.

Untitled RPG (2020)

I'm a huge fan of Old School RPGs and Roguelites so I wanted to give it a shot. There would have been branching paths similar to Slay The Spire and a class system similar to Fire Emblem.

Messing with AR (2019)

Messed around with more AR development using Vuforia. Implemented cloud image recognition. It was pretty cool seeing what was possible with the tech.

Radi-Ocean (2019)

I wanted to make a game using gyroscopes since it sounded cool. Play as a radioactive fish in a bullet-hell setting. Survive waves of terrifying deep see monsters!

Get it on Google Play Available on App Store

The Legend of Nudacus (2019)

Ludum Dare 45. Placed 46th Overall and 31st for Fun. The theme was "Start with Nothing", so my team and I made a game about a butt-naked gladiator.

Available on

5-Second Sumo (2018)

A small first project to learn more about app development and deployment. The gameplay revolves around feeding Carl the Sumo a variety of food from a conveyor belt.

Get it on Google Play

Cosmic Voyage (2018)

I worked on this roguelite bullet hell that would be inspired by Binding of Isaac. This is what I consider the first time I learned about what goes into making a more fleshed out game.

Break Time! VR (2017)

The original idea was to create a VR tennis game, but it ended up becoming a game where you swing a giant paddle to destroy different objects coming at you. Made for my senior project.

Towards the Light (2017)

A Zelda-inspired dungeon crawler with the light from your fairy protector playing a major role in the gameplay. Created in a team for a college game dev course.

Project Pretend RPG (2016)

An overly ambitious 2D RPG that I started while still attending college. Ended up implementing graphics, collision detection, movement, and over-world interactions using libGDX.

My Websites

Website I made for my indie studio, Dummy Dojo!

Website I made to show off my game, Underling Uprising!

Website I made that you're currently on! Thanks for checking it out btw!


I'm open to freelance work!

Unity Game Development, Game Design, or Web Development!

Please don't hesitate to contact me! :)